New shopping list


Your EVE Shopping in 5 steps:

Create your shopping list and check how easy is to improve your shopping experience.

1. Import your fittings

Import your favorite fits and buy all the units you need, no more time consuming maths.

2. Import contracts and other items (coming soon)

If you have a contract that you want to buy or other group of items, like the materials that you need for your manufacturing, import them here and buy all the batches that you need.

3. Add items from Market

Now is time to add all those other items, browse the market as easy as you do in-game.

4. Substract the assets that you already have

You may have some spear units of your ships, items or the materials that you need. You can substract them in "my assets" window.

5. Shopping is EASY with our summary !!

Use our summary from the in-game browser and dont miss a single thing !


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